Microsoft Power BI Complete Introduction [2021 Edition]

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Welcome to the BI world !?

In this chapter, you'd discover what BI really means, its past and its present. I'd show you a quick comparison between Excel V.S Power BI and show you the top 10 things I love about Power BI.
What’s BI00:09:44
Excel vs Power BI00:12:44
Top 10 things I love about PowerBI00:08:01
How Easy Is it to use Power BI00:06:42
Download and Install Power BI00:01:55

What’s included in this course?

In this chapter we will discover the flow for creating business intelligence reports. Additionally, there would be a full video explaining the content of each single point in the afterwards chapters.

Connecting Data Sources?

In this chapter, you'd learn how to connect different data sources to Power BI and how to change that connection (if needed) without rebuilding the report from scratch.

Building Visuals?

Discover how and when to use each of the built-in visuals in, the tricks behind each visual and master the usage of Power BI most amazing visualization tricks like Tooltip and Drill-through.

Refining Data?

In this chapter, we will discover how to use the different functions in the query editor to clean your data and put it in the right shape to make it ready for visualization.

Building Relationships?

In this chapter we will discover the best way to make a report that involves dealing with multiple data tables using relationship.

Creating Measures and Columns Using DAX?

In this chapter we will navigate through the DAX world to know how DAX could help us to create complex calculations in very easy steps.

Power BI Online?

Discover why it’s important to use Power BI online, the different pricing plans available and how to choose between them, row-level security, workspaces, data gateways, and alerts.

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