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Power BI is a self service Business Intelligence tool used for creating, publishing, and sharing reports. In this course you will learn everything you need to know to start using the Power BI family of tools without having to be a programmer.

Last updated 04/30/2021

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Why Should You Attend This Training?

  • Why Should You Attend This Training?
  • You will learn the right way, the first time
  • It will accelerate self learning by months and even years
  • It is live, instructor led training delivered by an accredited expert. Ask any questions live in the sessions
  • You don’t need to be a programmer to learn from this training
  • You will receive a certificate of completion

What you’ll learn

  • tickboxBuild professional-quality business intelligence reports from the ground up
  • tickboxDesign and implement the same B.I. tools used by professional analysts and data scientists
  • tickboxUnderstand the business intelligence workflow from end-to-end

What Makes Our Power BI Live
Training Great?

  • tickboxYou can attend face to face over 2 days, or live online over 4 half days
  • tickboxIt is logically structured to introduce concepts in a way that is easy to follow
  • tickboxIt has been designed to make the complicated concepts easier to understand
  • tickboxIt’s accessible to any Excel user
  • tickboxBlend and transform raw data into beautiful interactive dashboards
  • tickboxShowcase your skills with two full-scale course projects (with step-by-step solutions)
  • tickboxLearn from a best-selling instructor and professional BI developer
  • tickboxIt’s continuously being updated with the latest features and techniques
  • tickboxYou receive a copy of the book “Supercharge Power BI” as part of module 2
  • tickboxYou will receive 12 months access to all the content in video format for later review and revision

Why Is This The Best Power BI Training?

  • It’s developed by Matt Allington. Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the best-selling book Supercharge Power BI.
  • Matt has a strong business background and understands how real people use data. This is reflected in the training content and delivery.
  • The training is delivered by Matt, or one of his accredited trainers.
  • The curriculum of this course has been designed to make complicated concepts easy to understand.

    The Course is Available in 2 Modules

  • The course comes in 2 modules that can be taken standalone or together. It is recommended for most people to attend both modules
  • Module 1: Foundations of Power BI – Data to Dashboard (6.5 CPD hours).
  • Module 2 Extracting Data Insights with Power BI and DAX (6.5 CPD hours).
  • Total CPD hours = 13 hours.
  • All participants will receive the certificate of completion and 12 months video access to the content at the end of the course

Course Description

In this course you will learn everything you need to know to start using the Power BI family of tools without having to be a programmer. The course is for beginners; it doesn’t require any programming or reporting experience and starts with a dataset that has already been prepared for you. (There is no coverage of data modeling in this course, as this is discussed in Matt’s companion course, Extracting Insights with Power BI and DAX.)

Who this course is for?

  • Anyone who wants to start with Power BI.
  • Anyone that is self taught with Power BI but is missing a breadth of understanding that comes from structured training.
  • This is a beginner’s course and doesn’t require any programming or reporting experience.
  • It is ideally suited to anyone that wants to learn the capabilities of Power BI so they can consume and/or build reports for others.
Welcome to the BI world ! ( 5 Videos * 39 min)
What’s BI 9:43
Excel vs Power BI 12:44
Top 10 things I love about PowerBI 6:42
How Easy Is it to use Power BI 8:01
Download and Install Power BI 1:55
What's included in this course (3 Videos * 13 min)
Course Flow 2:43
Course Inclusions 8:59
Course Files Overview 1:39
Building Visuals (32 Videos * 3hr 26min)
Building Visuals Introduction 21:58
Basic Visuals Section
Clustered Bar Charts and Clustered Column Chart 4:13
100 Percent Column and Bar charts 3:31
Stacked Bar Charts and Stacked Column Chart 4:09
Line Charts 17:24
Area Charts 1:39
Stacked Area Charts 2:40
Line and column chart 2:35
Ribbon Chart 1:45
Waterfall Chart 3:52
Funnel Chart 3:15
Scatter Plot 8:11
Pie Chart 5:57
Donut Chart 1:54
Tree Map 2:15
Bubble Map 15:34
Filled Map 6:41
Gauge 3:40
Card 1:55
KPI Card 9:41
Multi-row Card 2:22
Sync Filters 5:57
Decomposition Tree 8:49
Filter 15:37
Table 12:43
Matrix 3:05
Advanced Visuals Section
R & Python script visuals 6:39
Q and A Feature 11:15
Mobile view setting up 2:43
Setting up Themes 4:42
Tooltip setting up 4:14
Visuals Marketplace 5:29
End of Chapter Quiz
Connecting Data Sources (8 Videos * 49min)
Connect To Excel 6:28
Connect to SQL 4:57
select a storage mode 5:17
Power BI Data Flows 10:05
select a shared dataset or create a local dataset 5:44
Connecting Multiple files on the same folder 5:03
CDS Connection 2:58
Bonus Video – Change data source settings/td>

Refining Data (17 videos * 2hr 19min)
Query Editor Introduction 20:13
Row Wise Transformation
Use first row as headers 2:49
Replace values 4:45
Keep rows , remove rows and conditional filtering 16:10
Column Wise Transformation
Keep columns and remove columns 3:17
Fill down and fill up 3:27
Textual Columns Transformations 17:58
Numerical Columns Transformations 6:02
Date and Time Columns Transformations 9:05
Add Index Column 3:08
Adding Conditional Columns 11:52
Table Wise Transformations
Group By 6:23
Appending Tables 4:07
Pivot and Unpivot columns 5:42
R & python script injection  6:34
Merging Tables 8:23
Creating Parameters and their use cases 9:35
End of Chapter Quiz
Building Relationships (6 Videos 40min)
What are relationships and Why we need them ?  5:57
What types of relationships exist ? 7:31
How to build a relationship ?  7:19
Filtering direction 8:48
The idea behind the star schema and how to use it 4:43
Calendar table use Cases and Creation 6:00
End of Chapter Quiz
Creating Measures and Columns Using DAX (11 Videos 1hr 31min)
Introduction To DAX 
Dax Introduction – What and Why  14:36
DAX – Basic Concepts  11:15
Filter Context 10:48
Calculate Function 5:38
All Function 8:02
AllExcept Function 5:53
Filter Function 8:58
Row Context and Earlier Function 7:06
Rankx Function 9:44
Use Relationship Function 7:13
Sumx Function 2:42
End of Chapter Quiz
Power BI Online (14 Videos 1hr 13min)
Power BI Online Introduction  4:40
Power BI Plans Comparison  14:01
Account Creation and Report Publishing 5:00
How to use and create workspaces 3:47
Power BI Apps 5:28
Workspace Roles 2:56
Data Gateways Comparison 3:52
Reports V.S Dashboards 5:24
How to Create and Use Dashboards. 5:42
Personal Mode Data Gateway 5:53
Static Row Level Security 5:45
Dynamic Row Level Security 4:26
How to create alerts. 4:22
Changing Parameters using Power BI Online 2:10
End of Chapter Quiz

About your Instructor

Basem Fawzy

Microsoft Certified Power BI Professional

Basem is a Microsoft Certified Power BI and data scientist with 5 + years of experience in dashboard building & maintenance using Power BI and other tools.

Basem is also the founder & owner of



 by Russell on Power BI Master

The Power BI course was covered in detail with sufficient practical work to get one going. I thoroughly enjoyed the course.

 by Babak Khorramabadi Zad on Power BI Master

Such a great course. Now feel comfortable building my own reports and will be following this up with the Power BI Master course. Cheers

 by Kevin Verelst on Power BI Master

Very engaging and great instructor with easy fluency to convey and explain complex subjects. It is a privilege to have him as an instructor for this course. Thank you for the great job.

 by Stephen Hayton on Power BI Master

Great content! I am a financial consultant, and had to create for the first time a PowerBI financial reporting tool ... and with the help of this course, I could already do a lot on my own. Many thanks!

 by Christopher Berry on Power BI Master

I never believed online learning would be this easy and interactive until I got my hands on this wonderful course.

Thanks A Lot!!!

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