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Free Webinar: How Power BI could help you to work 272 hours less and make more money ?

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    *Less than 10 seats might be available*

    About your host Basem Fawzy :

    – Microsoft Certified Power BI developer.

    – Complete 150+ Power BI Projects.

    – Delivered training to thousands of students worldwide.

    – Writer of the E-book titled “Power BI from student to Master”

    – Founder and Owner of



    What you would learn during this webinar:

    1- How to AUTOMATICALLY update business reports?

    2- How to AUTOMATICALLY distribute business reports?

    3- How to get instant notifications once a KPI changes?

    This is a live meeting/zoom so, please

    1. Make sure to add webinar to your calendar.

    2. Be sure to be on time.

    3. Be ready to take notes and implement.

    Great content! I am a financial consultant, and had to create for the first time a PowerBI financial reporting tool … and with the help of this webinar, I could already do a lot on my own. Many thanks!

    Stephen Hayton

    I never believed online learning would be this easy and interactive until I got my hands on this wonderful course.

    Thanks A Lot!!!

    Christopher Berry

    “The course was excellent with in-depth knowledge on interface and its tools. Definitely a right step to master Power BI and I recommend taking the power BI course as well.”

    Hector Aguado